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Smoke Damage Restoration

While dealing with a fire is bad enough, the after-effects can be just as stressful. Our team is here to help you remove smoke and soot damage from your belongings

What can be cleaned after smoke damage?

After a fire, there are certain items and materials that can be effectively cleaned of smoke damage—depending on the severity of the fire damage—while others may not be salvageable and will need to be replaced. 

Generally speaking, the following can be cleaned: 

  • Clothing and textiles: Smoke damage to clothing and textiles can often be effectively cleaned using specialised equipment and techniques.


  • Furniture and upholstery: Smoke-damaged furniture and upholstery can sometimes be cleaned and restored using specialised dry-cleaning or steam-cleaning techniques.


  • Walls and ceilings: Smoke damage to walls and ceilings can often be effectively cleaned with the right  cleaning products.


  • Electronics and appliances: Although smoke damage to electronics and appliances can be repaired, it’s important to consult with a professional before attempting to clean or repair these items.


Unfortunately, even professionals may not be able to help restore the following:

  • Porous materials: Carpeting, insulation, and some types of wood, may not be salvageable after smoke damage because they absorb smoke and odours, making them difficult or impossible to effectively clean.


  • Personal documents and photos: Smoke damage to personal documents and photos may not be reversible, as the damage can be extensive and irreversible.


  • Certain types of fabrics: Some fabrics, such as silk and leather, may not be able to be effectively cleaned after smoke damage, as the cleaning process can damage the material further.


Regardless of the extent of the fire, any food or medicine that has been exposed to smoke should be thrown away, as it can be contaminated with harmful chemicals and toxins.

At Northern Restorations, we know how devastating a fire can be. And we know you’ll want to salvage and restore as much of your treasured items as possible. That’s why it’s important to consult with our professional restoration specialists to assess the extent of the damage and determine your best course of action.

The most common issues that we see include:

Our smoke and soot damage restoration services

Following a fire, smoke and soot can cause extensive damage to a property, including walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and personal belongings. At Northern Restorations, we use a variety of techniques and methods to restore properties after a fire, including dry cleaning, wet cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, or ozone treatment. This may involve packing and moving the items to our off-site facility for cleaning and restoration.

  • Dry cleaning: In many cases, using a dry sponge or cloth can remove loose soot, smoke residue, and toxins from surfaces.


  • Wet cleaning: In this method, our smoke damage clean-up specialists use a special solution of water and cleaning products to remove oily soot from surfaces, such as kitchen appliances, countertops, marble, porcelain, and bathroom fixtures. It’s more effective than dry cleaning, but care must be taken to avoid saturating surfaces with too much water, which can cause further damage.


  • HEPA vacuuming: For salvageable carpets, upholstery, and other materials, we can use high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuums to remove soot particles.


  • Ozone treatment: Ozone treatment involves using an ozone generator to release ozone into the air to neutralise soot particles. This method can be effective for removing smoke odour and can be used in conjunction with other methods for soot removal.


  • Air purification: Smoke can linger in the air and cause respiratory issues. Your Northern Restorations specialists can use air scrubbers to remove smoke particles, improving air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory issues.


  • HVAC cleaning: Your HVAC system can spread smoke odour throughout your home. We can clean and decontaminate the system to improve air quality.


  • Deodorisation: Once the smoke residue has been removed, professionals use specialised equipment and products to deodorise the affected areas and eliminate any lingering odours. This may involve the use of ozone machines, thermal fogging, or other methods.

The specific methods we’ll use to restore your property will depend on the extent of the damage, the type of materials affected, and the restoration plan we agree on.

Our smoke and soot damage restoration services
Can you repair the smoke damage yourself?

Can you repair the smoke damage yourself?

Cleaning smoke damage after a fire can be a daunting task for a home or property owner. While it is possible to clean smoke damage yourself, it’s important to consider the risks and challenges involved. For example: 

  • Safety concerns: Smoke and soot can be harmful to your health. Without the proper equipment and protective gear, you may be at risk of inhaling hazardous particles, leading to respiratory issues.


  • Damage assessment: Professional restoration companies know how to assess the extent of your damage and determine the most effective cleaning methods to use for each area and material. As some materials and textiles require special attention, you may not have the expertise required to properly choose the appropriate cleaning methods.


  • Specialised equipment: At Northern Restorations, we have the necessary equipment, which can be highly specialised, to effectively and viably clean smoke damage. Most homeowners don’t own air scrubbers, thermal foggers, and ozone generators, for example.


  • Time and energy: Cleaning smoke damage can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive task—sometimes requiring items to be handled offsite. Hiring a professional restoration company allows you to  focus on other priorities.


  • Thoroughness: Our restoration experts are highly trained to thoroughly clean smoke damage, ensuring all your valued materials are cleaned and restored. If you try to clean smoke damage yourself and miss something—especially damage that is not readily visible—the odour will linger and the residue may lead to further damage, health risks, or further cleaning costs.


In the end, if you experienced smoke damage, calling Northern Restorations is likely to be your best option. We have the expertise, equipment, and specialised knowledge necessary to clean smoke damage quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly—safeguarding your property and health.

The Northern Restorations difference

We pride ourselves on the level of superior customer service we offer all our clients throughout West Yorkshire and northern England. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful restoration process, from initial assessment to final completion.

With a keen understanding of the special needs older properties require to maintain personal and property health, we specialise in holistic restoration that comply with sustainable practices and owner preferences.

We’re ready to address your smoke problem. For fast and efficient results or further information, call 01484 651744 or contact us here. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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Our Other Fire Restoration Services

A fire in your property can be one of the worst experiences you’ll ever have to go through, so we understand the importance of being a friendly, caring team that can take some weight off your shoulders. No matter what kind of damage a fire leaves behind, we’ll always do our best to clean as much of it as possible, so you have one less thing to deal with. Our team has decades of experience dealing with fire restoration, so leave it to us.

Fire residue removal is an important step in restoring a home or business after a fire. It involves cleaning and disposing of hazardous materials like soot, smoke and ashes from surfaces in the affected area. Get in touch with our team to assess the severity of the damage and undertake a safe & effective clean up! It is also important to repair any structural damage caused by the fire – something our team can also take care of.

The leftover smell of a fire is never something you want lingering around. Not only does it smell bad, it’s also a constant reminder that the fire happened. Smoke, soot and other residues left behind by a fire produce unpleasant odours that can penetrate deep into furniture and upholstery. Our specialised cleaning services can help to remove these odours, as well as provide masking agents for interior spaces so you never have to smell the fire again.

You may not have heard of it before, but corrosion control is the process of preventing & minimising damage to materials (usually metal) caused by exposure to moisture, fire and other corrosive agents. Our team can do this through a variety of special measures and processes. Regular inspection and maintenance are also important, as corrosion can lead to structural deterioration if left unchecked.

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