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Corrosion Control

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After a flood or fire, it’s understandable that you focus on the immediate damage. But once that is remedied, don’t forget about unseen damage that can be caused. For example, following a flood, water damage, or fire, corrosion is an unavoidable concern for any home or business. Post-disaster corrosion is a particular threat to concrete structures, steel-framed buildings, electronics, metal equipment, and piling.

Northern Restoration offers post-incident corrosion control services that can address current damage and help your home or business minimise future corrosion. The key to limiting the damage caused by corrosion is taking quick action and calling a professional as soon as possible.

The most common issues that we see include:

What is corrosion control?

Smoke, soot, and water are common causes of corrosive activity, affecting the functionality, reliability, and service life of structures and equipment. At Northern Restorations, we offer comprehensive corrosion control services that remove surface contaminants and environmental conditions that promote or prolong corrosion. Within the first few days following a fire or flood, our corrosion control specialists perform an on-site and in-depth evaluation of your infrastructure.

Through effective corrosion control services, our specialists can help you prevent material deterioration through the application of:  

  • Barrier coatings: Coatings are the first line of protection against rust and oxidation. Barrier coatings are effective methods of preventing corrosion on metals, concrete, and wood. They work by creating a physical barrier between the material and the environment, preventing moisture and other corrosive agents from reaching the surface. At Northern Restorations, we offer a range of barrier coatings—including epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic paint, or powder—which can be applied to various surfaces using spray, brush, or roller. Adhering to metal surfaces, these coatings create a thin film of protection.

  • Hot-dip galvanization: Hot-dip galvanization is a process that involves immersing steel in molten zinc, creating a protective coating that can withstand harsh conditions and prevent corrosion. We use state-of-the-art galvanising technology that can handle both large and small projects, ensuring your assets receive the highest level of protection.

  • Alloyed steel: Alloyed steel is a type of steel that has been mixed with other metals to enhance its properties. For example, adding chromium increases steel’s resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Implementing alloyed steel is one of the most effective corrosion prevention methods around, combining the properties of various metals to provide added strength and resistance to the resulting product. 

  • Cathodic protection: Cathodic protection is a method of preventing corrosion on metals by making them the cathode of an electrochemical cell. This is achieved by connecting the metal to a more anodic metal or an external power source, which provides a flow of electrons that reduces the corrosion potential of the metal. We offer a range of cathodic protection systems, including impressed current systems and sacrificial anode systems, which can be customised to suit your specific requirements.
What is corrosion control?
Why is corrosion control important?

Why is corrosion control important?

If you spot white spots of oxidation on zinc coatings or red rust stains on steel, your property is already at risk. However, effective corrosion control can halt or even reverse the damage. 

Northern Restorations corrosion control services can result in lower and fewer equipment repair costs. Additionally, they prevent equipment disruptions that can be extremely costly and sometimes dangerous if the equipment fails. Benefits include: 

  • Increased workplace safety: Corrosion removal lessens the chance of equipment failure. By preventing rust and oxidation, you’ll improve the functionality of your equipment, machinery, electronics, and piping while prolonging their life. 

  • Preventing future damage: When we remove corrosion from your equipment, we’re also preventing it from recurring. 

  • Preventing downtime: Damaged and faulty equipment is the biggest reason for downtown. With preventative corrosion control, you’ll be better equipped to stay on schedule. At Northern Restorations, we ensure our corrosion control services are timely and lasting, ensuring your facility is functional and up and running as soon as possible after a disaster.

  • Avoiding legal liabilities: Poor equipment upkeep in the workplace can lead to numerous health and safety risks. Our corrosion control services protect your business from legal liabilities by minimising the potential for these hazards.

The Northern Restorations difference

Corrosion removal is essential to keeping your facility in good repair after a disaster. If your home or business has recently experienced a fire or flood, you should always contact a corrosion control expert to evaluate any potential damage to your assets. 


At Northern Restorations, our experts are committed to providing timely and effective corrosion protection services throughout the  northern UK. Our team has years of experience in the industry and can provide customised solutions that meet your specific requirements. We use only the best quality products and equipment, ensuring your assets receive the highest level of protection against corrosion.


We pride ourselves on the level of superior customer service we offer all our clients throughout West Yorkshire and northern England. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful restoration process, from initial assessment to final completion.


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A fire in your property can be one of the worst experiences you’ll ever have to go through, so we understand the importance of being a friendly, caring team that can take some weight off your shoulders. No matter what kind of damage a fire leaves behind, we’ll always do our best to clean as much of it as possible, so you have one less thing to deal with. Our team has decades of experience dealing with fire restoration, so leave it to us.

Smoke damage restoration is an essential service for helping to restore and repair damaged surfaces in a property after a fire. Our team work tirelessly to remove smoke stains and odours, as well as hazardous residue from your home or business. Our Restoration experts can also provide advice on how best to restore furniture back to its original condition if our specialist cleaning won’t quite cut it!

Fire residue removal is an important step in restoring a home or business after a fire. It involves cleaning and disposing of hazardous materials like soot, smoke and ashes from surfaces in the affected area. Get in touch with our team to assess the severity of the damage and undertake a safe & effective clean up! It is also important to repair any structural damage caused by the fire – something our team can also take care of.

The leftover smell of a fire is never something you want lingering around. Not only does it smell bad, it’s also a constant reminder that the fire happened. Smoke, soot and other residues left behind by a fire produce unpleasant odours that can penetrate deep into furniture and upholstery. Our specialised cleaning services can help to remove these odours, as well as provide masking agents for interior spaces so you never have to smell the fire again.

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