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Fire Residue Removal

Dealing with a fire is hard enough, but having to clean up the residue afterwards feels like salt in the wound. Why not let our professional and experienced team do the clean up for you?

You’ve had a fire. Now what?

No doubt, a fire in your home or business can cause serious damage—and not just from flames. Once the fire is extinguished, you’ll find many things covered in ash and soot. If not addressed quickly, smoke and soot damage can permanently discolour appliances, tarnish metals, etch glass, corrode other materials, and permeate walls.  And anything you want to keep, will have to be carefully cleaned. 

 But first, understand your risks. The soot and residue left in your building can be hazardous, which is why you should call a professional fire residue removal service to restore your possessions. Soot can be toxic if inhaled or ingested. Professional fire residue removal companies are trained to handle hazardous materials safely and effectively, minimising your risk of exposure.

The most common issues that we see include:

What is that sticky residue from a fire?

Soot is a fine black or brown powder that is created when organic matter, such as wood or oil, is burned. It can be spread throughout a property by smoke and can settle on surfaces. The sticky residue left behind by a fire is smoke and soot residue. It’s a thick, black substance that can be difficult to remove without the proper tools and techniques. The residue is created when smoke from the fire combines with other particles and sticks to surfaces throughout the property. And it can be particularly difficult to remove from porous surfaces, such as fabric or drywall.

What is that sticky residue from a fire?
What to do after a fire to make clean-up faster

What to do after a fire to make clean-up faster

While you should not try to wash fire residue yourself, there are however some things you can do to facilitate fire residue removal services. 

  • If temperatures and weather permit, open windows to air out your house. 
  • If you have a forced air HVAC system, change the air filter.
  • Do not touch damaged surfaces with your hands as the oils from your skin can permeate walls, woodwork, and upholstery and cause further damage.
  • Call Northern Restorations as soon as possible.

Our Soot Removal Services

At Northern Restorations, our fire soot removal specialists use state-of-the-art cleaning solutions and equipment to remove the sticky residue left behind by a fire. This may include using high-pressure steam cleaners to loosen and remove the residue from surfaces or using specialised cleaning solutions that are designed to break down the sticky residue and make it easier to remove. We’ll use industrial-strength cleaning products, high-powered vacuums, and specialised tools that can remove soot from hard-to-reach places.

Our first step is to perform a careful and thorough assessment of the extent of the damage to determine the best approach for cleaning the affected areas. This includes taking every safety precaution, ensuring there are no electrical or structural hazards or other safety concerns.  

Because fire soot removal is a challenging task, we have several restoration options to best handle your problem. They include:  

  • Dry cleaning: This method involves using a dry sponge or cloth to remove loose soot from surfaces. The goal is to effectively remove smoke and soot particles and help ensure toxic chemicals are removed, dry cleaning reduces the risk of smearing soot which can cause further damage especially to painted surfaces.


  • Wet cleaning: Wet cleaning involves using a special solution of water and cleaning products to remove oily soot from surfaces, such as kitchen appliances, countertops, marble, porcelain, and bathroom fixtures. This method is more effective than dry cleaning, but care must be taken to avoid saturating surfaces with too much water, which can cause further damage.


  • HEPA vacuuming: A high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum can be used to remove soot particles from carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces. HEPA vacuums are designed to capture fine particles, including soot, and prevent them from being released back into the air.


  • Soda blasting: Soda blasting involves using a special machine to blast sodium bicarbonate particles at surfaces to remove soot. This method is effective for removing soot from hard surfaces and can be less damaging than other methods.


  • Ozone treatment: Ozone treatment involves using an ozone generator to release ozone into the air to neutralise soot particles. This method can be effective for removing smoke odour and can be used in conjunction with other methods for soot removal.


  • Deodorisation: Once the visible soot and residue have been removed, professionals use specialised equipment and products to deodorise the affected areas and eliminate any lingering odours.


These services specialise in removing soot and other fire residues, as well as the sticky residue left behind by the fire. With our specialised tools and techniques, we can effectively clean and restore your property.

The Northern Restorations difference

When a fire occurs in your property, you need a fire restoration service that is quick, thorough, and understanding. Because smoke and soot damage can be hazardous to property and health alike, our specialised fire soot removal services are responsive and cost-effective ways of getting your home or business back to normal. 


We will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful restoration process, from initial assessment to final completion. If you’re dealing with fire residue, call us for a free soot removal consultation at 01484 651744 or contact us here.

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Our Other Fire Restoration Services

A fire in your property can be one of the worst experiences you’ll ever have to go through, so we understand the importance of being a friendly, caring team that can take some weight off your shoulders. No matter what kind of damage a fire leaves behind, we’ll always do our best to clean as much of it as possible, so you have one less thing to deal with. Our team has decades of experience dealing with fire restoration, so leave it to us.

Smoke damage restoration is an essential service for helping to restore and repair damaged surfaces in a property after a fire. Our team work tirelessly to remove smoke stains and odours, as well as hazardous residue from your home or business. Our Restoration experts can also provide advice on how best to restore furniture back to its original condition if our specialist cleaning won’t quite cut it!

The leftover smell of a fire is never something you want lingering around. Not only does it smell bad, it’s also a constant reminder that the fire happened. Smoke, soot and other residues left behind by a fire produce unpleasant odours that can penetrate deep into furniture and upholstery. Our specialised cleaning services can help to remove these odours, as well as provide masking agents for interior spaces so you never have to smell the fire again.

You may not have heard of it before, but corrosion control is the process of preventing & minimising damage to materials (usually metal) caused by exposure to moisture, fire and other corrosive agents. Our team can do this through a variety of special measures and processes. Regular inspection and maintenance are also important, as corrosion can lead to structural deterioration if left unchecked.

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